Purity of Purpose and Technically Brilliant.

The 928's mechanicals are purposefully designed and pure in their intentions. It is just as true for the bodywork, each space neatly wrapped in aluminum, glass and and superior coachwork.

Our LED lighting enhancements tastefully augment the timeless brilliance of the 928's design. Fully up-to-date but not overdone, these LED upgrades are engineered to be as functional as they are avant-garde.
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928 LED Interior Illumination Kits

928 Moonlit Interior LED Kit in White

Moonlit Interior LED Lighting


You'll appreciate how these LED bulbs not only look great, but use so much less power than the stock 928 incadescents. If a light is left on or you like to have your doors open during servicing, detailing or cleaning, this upgrade could save your battery. Includes installation instructions, 5 high power LED cluster bulbs. Very hi-tech and you'll love the new look!!

Includes LED upgrades for both dome lights and doors as shown.


A gentle glow of light eminates from your shift plate assembly
illuminating all the drive letters. This is not an LED pointer shift indicator light, all the letters are lit at the same time.
Precision laser cut out of stainless steel or aluminum.

P R N D 3 2
P R N D 3 2

Not available for P R N D 1 2




928 LED Gauge Illumination Kit (78-88)

-BLUE (MegaBlau LEDs)
-RED (
TrioRosso LEDs)

No word for it other than "gorgeous"! Increase gauge readability, correct dim lighting and go reliable LED. This kit includes 3 triangular wedges which replace the incandescent lamps. The results are stunning - the LEDs have a super long life, are high output and producer low heat. You'll find yourself looking for excuses to go out at night for a drive in your 928 just to see the light show! The pure wavelength of this LED light frequency is easier on the eyes, modern and very satisfying.

Please state model year of your car when ordering this item.


Gauge Bezel Set (4 rings)


These bezels are 3 dimensional not a flat piece of thin steel like
some replicas out there. Our set of four separate bezels are
premium quality, solid high-grade and hand machined parts.
Gauges are "in your face" so why not ensure you have the best
for your 928 enjoyment.


Shown with white face dials.

Gauge Surround (up to '88)

-Brushed Aluminum
-Synthetic Wood VIEW

-Authentic Carbon Fiber VIEW (Add $10)
-Authentic Wood (Add $10)

Laser cut backing adds depth and intrigue to your 928 gauge cluster. Shown below with authentic carbon fiber gauge surround and aluminum gauge bezels.
* Requires removal of light conduits under housing. Includes instructions and pre-install test procedures.

Our 928 Clock Upgrade can be outfitted with Perimeter Lighting so that all your interior lighting will exude that same extraordinary glow.

928 HVAC Lighting Kit...why let your instrument gauges have all the fun!!!!

HVAC Lighting Kit

-BLUE (MegaBlau LEDs)
-RED (
TrioRosso LEDs)

Add pure wavelength LED light to your HVAC cluster. Comes with full instructions for a complete HVAC lighting upgrade.