Investment Grade Metals & Alloys.
Here you'll find high quality custom machined parts artful in appearance and made specifically for your 928. No other company in the world produces such fine handcrafted parts for the 928's interior. We've taken great care to produce designs that are well suited to your Porsche and painstakingly produce and polish each part by hand, using master machinists.
Jager Engineering products have been copied from time to time, but our soulful productions can never be duplicated. Enjoy.

Metal Pod Bezels and Knobs

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Bronze Alloy Bezels and Knobs with a Syntheric Carpathian Wood Trim Interior Package.

Aluminum Pod Bezel Package.

To add a metal temperature sensor cap (aluminum or bronze)
please add $25 to POD Package price (reg. price $38).

THIS PAGE HAS EXPIRED. Please refer to Garage9 web pages.

Base Metal Interior Kits

This 928 has been installed with a Brushed Aluminum Interior Package as well as  Bronze Alloy Bezels in the center vent.

Brushed Aluminum Door Handle Package  for the Porsche 928.
Brushed Aluminum with 928 lettering.
Lettering not available with any other material or colors.


Brushed Aluminum center vent and machined Aluminum Bezels outfit this Porsche 928.
Pictured above, Aluminum Bezel Rings with Brushed Aluminum Vent Overlay.



Your Porsche 928 will never as beautiful with these incredible dimpled rings.

Pictured above, Bronze Dimpled Bezel Rings with Stainless Steel Vent Plate.

Center Vent Plate Package


Add Dimpled Rings

Why not update your Porsche 928 with an instrument  gauge surround!?

Pictured above, gauge surround in Authentic Carbon Weave with Gauge Bezel Set (see below)

Instrument Gauge Surround

Nothing beats the look of crisp metal accents.  Shown on this Porsche 928, Aluminum Bezel Set on the stock instrument gauge.

Gauge Bezel Set (4 rings)


#SB2200 #SB2300

Circular Clock Upgrade Kit

This Porsche 928 has been upgraded with an SB2300 clock, Carpathian Trim Package, backlit stainless steel shift plate, a linen full leather boot and GT shifter...WOW!!!
Shown above, Classic Carpathian Wood overlay
panel with #SB2300 quartz clock.

Click here
for more photos with various decorative clock plates.

Shown above in brushed aluminum with the bronze mirror adjustment cap (see below).

Door Vent Accents (pair)

Shown above in aluminum with aluminum door lock bezel (see below).

Billet Door Lock Posts


Shown above in aluminum with an optional carbon fiber center.

Door Knob Accents


Shown above in aluminum.


Mirror Adjustment Cap

Black Powder Coated Aluminum Sensor Cap

Metal Dash Temp Sensor Cap



Shift Plate Cover

9-2-8 Door Sill Upgrade 78-91

G-T-S Door Sill Upgrade 92-95


Shown above in linen with a bronze button cap.
Also shown (optional) 928 door sill upgrade in bronze and bronze hatch knob bezel.

Parking Brake Upgrade 80-95