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Dash Trim & Lettering Infomation

1. Why should I purchase your Interior Trim Kit?
Our Interior Trim Kits are made using the highest standards of manufacture and the best quality materials available. Our kits are cut using a precision laser ensuring perfect trim pieces everytime. Our polyurethane coating means that your new interior trim will never yellow, fade or crack. Most importantly, since Jager Engineering - Garage 9 specializes in Porsches, we offer a level of personal and knowledgeable service that cannot be matched by any other manufacturer.

2. What is an Interior Trim Kit?
An Interior Trim Kit is a decorative upgrade for your interior. The kits are installed on top of the existing dash, console or other interior surface resulting in a change of material and a better aesthetic appearance. The trim kits can also be used to hide imperfections such as sun damage, burn marks or gouges. We use the same material for some of our exterior products, such as rear lettering and wheel centers.

3. What is your Interior Trim Kit and small lettering products made of?
Our Interior Trim Kits are made up of three layers. The bottom layer is a 3M adhesive, the next layer is the actual trim material and the final layer is a protective durable coating of non-yellowing, non-epoxy polyurethane. The 3M adhesive is industrial quality and forms a very strong surface bond, it will not be affected by temperature and humidity fluctuations. Our Trim Kits exceed industry standards.

4. Are Interior Trim Kits only available for dashes?
One of the reasons we like to call them Interior Trim kits is that in fact so called 'dash kits' can be applied to many other areas of your interior. Center consoles, shift plate upgrades and door accents are just some of the examples where we have applied this type of technology. See our Layout Worksheet for all the Interior Trim Pieces available.

5. Are the engine and bumper lettering made of the same material?
Yes, our engine lettering and bumper lettering are made the same way as our dash trim kits. Using the same three layers allows for excellent bonding to the exterior or engine parts, as well as creating a long lasting beautiful addition. Bumper lettering can be washed and waxed along with the rest of your automobile. Bumper lettering and engine lettering will withstand all weather types as well as temperature fluctuations. Fading of colour is extremely minimal (less than 10% over a 10 year period).

6. Is it easy to install?
Jager Engineering Dash Trim Kits are very easy to install. The key rests in taking your time during surface prep and being very patient. No special tools or bonding agents are required.

7. The pieces in your Dash Trim Kit look flat but I have some curved areas on my dash?
The trim pieces are actually fairly flexible (and become even more flexible during the installation process because they are warmed up) and will conform to the curved surfaces of your interior dash.

8. I want to buy one piece at a time, can I do that?
You can order an Interior Trim Kit or individual pieces as you require.

9. I see trim pieces on the Layout Worksheet that are not included in the Packages, why?
At first we only offered our basic Interior Trim Kit, however based on customer feedback we had many owners who requested particular trim pieces. Thus over time we started offering these pieces as an option to the standard package. If we included all the possible trim pieces in the package it would become cost prohibitive for many customers, in addition not everyone wants every trim piece we offer for their Porsche.

10. I am not sure what color to choose, can I get samples?
We have a sample kit available which includes up to 5 samples of your choice for $25. You will receive a credit of $10 on your next order over $100 OR the full $25 back with your next order over $250.

11. Once I order, when will I get my Interior Trim Kit?
We carry in stock at all times, the 928 Brushed Aluminum Interior Trim Package and most options. We also carry many optional trim pieces in different materials (such as temperature sensor caps, pedal upgrades and instrument gauge surrounds). For all other dash kits and materials which are not in stock, expect a 4-8 week turn-around time.

12. How do I clean my new Interior Trim?
Use a damp paper towel, lint-free cloth or a soft cotton cloth like a baby cotton diaper to gently remove dirt or grime. Do not use so called vinyl dash cleaners as they can cause the adhesive backing to deteriorate or break down. For shiny long lasting protection, a very slight amount of liquid wax can also be used. Any surfaces with silk screen printing (such as the brushed aluminum door handles overlays and the climate trim piece) should be cleaned gently with a soft damp cloth and water only.

13. Will my Dash Trim Kit or small lettering fade?
All interior pieces will fade only about 2% over 10 years. Pieces that are installed on the outside of the vehicle such as bumper lettering will fade at non more than 10% over 10 years (and that is only if in direct sunlight all of the time).

14. What is the warranty of the Dash Trim Kit and the small lettering?
-The polygem urethane protective coating is guaranteed not to yellow or delaminate for a period of 3 years from the shipping date.
-This warranty is limited to the original purchaser of the product.
-This warranty is limited to replacement of the defective part only and does not cover subsequent and/or consequent damage.
-Warranty is void due to improper installation.