Many things have changed since '78... but when a 928 hoves into view, there is sense of occasion. And why shouldn't there be. The 928 is striking when viewed in motion. Every line and sound has a purity of purpose, without being overdone - a complaint that could be registered against many of today's offerings. The 928 possesses a timeless quality and character, that apparently many have yet to discover. A design that from its inception was hand assembled. It is in every way the ultimate work of art from Porsche.

We continue the handcrafted and designed tradition with our 928 line of products from Jager Engineering. Our skilled technicians hand turn, shape, assemble and polish your metal, bronze, wood and leather products. We are dealing with more and more owners who are re-discovering their love for the 928. Yes, type 928 has never been so good.



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